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From sandy sunsets to zesty horizons, nothing beats life lived on the Gulf Coast. A blend of social, lively people who truly believe “eating good” makes living life to the fullest a reality. From monthly newsletters and photo buckets to videos and food blogs, we're spirited people who are passionate about the Gulf and proud to call it home.

Gulf Coast Videos

Test the waters with these captivating stories from the Gulf,
and get inspired by the flavor of Gulf Coast Seafood.

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A bit of this, a dash of that—a veritable platter of all that is great about the Gulf!

Wine, Beer, & Fish Pairing Guide

Wine, Beer, and Fish Pairing Guide

We’ve made it easy to pair the fresh flavors of seafood with the right wines and beers.
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Gulf Coast Seafood Shopping Guide

GCS Shopping Guide

How to make sure you're getting the highest-quality seafood sourced straight from the Gulf.
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Seafood Swap: 5 Classic Dishes

Seafood Swap

Did you know that you can replace meat with seafood in these recipes for a delicious twist?
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Slow Cooker Seafood Recipes

Slow Cooker Seafood Recipes

Make dinner ahead of time and celebrate Gulf Coast Seafood with these easy slow cooker seafood recipes.
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Gulf Coast Fish Flavor Matrix

Flavor Matrix

We've created a matrix that shows just where many popular Gulf Coast fish stand in terms of flavor and firmness.
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Chef Chris Hastings Interview

Chris Hastings Interview

Award-winning chef Chris Hastings didn't grow up in the kitchen; he grew up on the shores of South Carolina.
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The Feast of Seven Fishes

Slow Cooker Seafood Recipes

Gulf Coast Seafood is putting a new twist on an old, Italian tradition: the Feast of the Seven Fishes.
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100 Seafood Bloggers

Top 100 Seafood Blogger Winner - Best Chef Blog

Gulf Coast Seafood is setting out to find the Gulf Coast Seafood Top 100 – a list of Gulf Coast Seafood enthusiasts from all around the world who support our mission. We're seeking to discover the web's most inspired, creative, and informative "seafoodies" to feature on our list!

The process starts with a simple nomination. Then, a selection committee chooses who makes the Top 100 list. Winners are featured on, and are awarded a one-of-a-kind digital badge to signify their distinction.

We're asking fans and foodies alike to join in on the search for the 2013 Gulf Coast Seafood Top 100.

Nominate someone today! We're looking for photographers, writers and eaters of seafood for our Gulf Coast Seafood Top 100. As long as they have a blog name, url and are a true fan of Gulf Coast Seafood, they're eligible for nomination.

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Gulf Coast Infographics

The Gulf of Mexico is home to the freshest seafood around, such as oysters, fish, shrimp, and crab. Check out the infographics below and learn some interesting facts about these tasty delicacies – from National Oyster Day to the number of legs a crab has.

Seafood Finder

Gulf Seafood Mobile App

Want to know where you can find fresh Gulf Coast Seafood close to home? Use our Gulf Seafood Finder app to locate retailers, restaurants, and wholesalers that carry your favorite Gulf Coast Seafood. Once you’ve found the best fresh seafood around, use the app as a virtual recipe book. Dishing on everything from appetizers to entrees, the Gulf Seafood Finder is the perfect kitchen companion.

Charter Boats

Charter Boats

The Gulf Coast offers experiences for every enthusiast from local events and festivals to historical landmarks and scenes to thrilling outdoor activities. Attractions of the Gulf Coast are available to all, but to really experience everything the Gulf waters have to offer, set sail on a local charter boat.

To find a charter boat near you, contact us.